Infopool 4.0

Data Protection

  1. Subject to acknowledgement of the terms of use, you will be permitted to use the STEINZEUG-KERAMO Infopool until further notice. Steinzeug-Keramo GmbH does not charge a fee for use. “Use” for the purpose of these terms and conditions is the continuous or temporary loading, copying or printing of documents from the IP for individual use by the password owner registered by STEINZEUG-KERAMO. Publications of Infopool documents in any form, including excerpts, as well as disclosure to third parties, always requires the consent of the IP provider.
  2. Access authorisation is restricted to the password owner, disclosure of usernames and/or passwords to third parties is not permitted. Passwords must be kept protected from unauthorised persons. If IP usernames and/or passwords are lost or if third parties gain knowledge of passwords, please contact STEINZEUG-KERAMO immediately.
  3. Use authorisation can be revoked by STEINZEUG-KERAMO at any time without requiring reasons to be given.
  4. Through registration I agree that personal data will be saved in the system, for example for the release of usage rights, for NEWSLETTER services, for calculations and for contact purposes.
  5. No liability is accepted for the completeness, correctness or currentness of the information or for the accuracy of the Infopool documents, all legal claims are excluded.
  6. Consent is given for the newsletter to be sent to the email address specified.